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British Coal Respiratory Disease Litigation


This site is the home for software developed by Workflow Consulting Limited to assist in processing claims in the British Coal Respiratory Disease Litigation (BCRDL) scheme.

Workflow Consulting is a consultancy specialising in helping organisations introduce change and improve their business processes particularly through the application of computerised workflow technologies. They were jointly instructed by the "Claimants' Solicitors Group" (representing the claimants in the litigation and scheme) and the Department of Trade and Industry (the defendants) to produce software to assess the proportion of quantum that could be attributed to the dusty work in the coal mines (the "BCRDL Dust Exposure Calculator") and to calculate the amount of pension loss attributable to the scheme (the "BCRDL Pension Loss Calculator").

This site serves as a portal for information and updates of the software developed by Workflow Consulting Limited and provides information about the other related services Workflow Consulting Limited can offer.

If you are looking for support for the software you can browse the "FAQ's" provided on this site but if these do not solve your problem support requests should be channelled through the Capita (formerly IRISC) help desk.

Pension Loss Calculator News

Please note: A finalised version of the Pension Loss Calculator (Release 6.0) is now available and is being utilised by Capita with effect from 14 April 2009. This version of the calculator includes the functionality to calculate losses where a miner's last mining employment was as a coal mining contractor. The calculator also includes the reduction in the Special Account Rate (England and Wales) from 6% to 3% from the 1st February 2009.

This calculator can be downloaded from the BCRDL Pension Loss Calculator Current Release page.

Alternatively a CD is available on request from Capita Insurance Services by contacting Marie Edge at marie.edge@capita.co.uk.

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